Anonymous asked:

who are you? what's your name? tell me about yourself?

I’m a guy that loves maths

My name is Danny He, 17 years old, birthday January 1st, roughly 167 cm in height, 61kg in weight, ethnically Chinese, some other stuff too.

I love cats and have 4. I also do a lot of maths in my spare time as well as random internet things and gaming too, though I’m not that good so it’s a bit awkward for the other players.

Black hair, brown eyes and a limp. I have right side Hemiparesis so one side of my body doesn’t work too well. It’s useable but not preferable. You learn to deal with it though.

Also speak with a hint of an American accent because I learnt English from cartoons and originally had a very heavy American accent which eventually started to fade out.

mathsangel asked:

Have you ever had a really, really good maths teacher? If so, elaborate. If not, describe the worst maths teacher you've ever had, because most people seem to have horrific maths teacher stories :P

I have an amazing teacher that makes every lesson enjoyable banterous and generally awesome but that’s about it. He is an awesome guy though.

Another teacher that doesn’t actually teach me has supported my mathematical growth through practise sessions and guidance on Olympiad and UKMT challenge type questions which has helped me immensely. Plus she’s so sweet and nice and pretty funny which is great too.

I haven’t really had a terrible maths teacher in the sense that they were angry a lot and stuff. I had one who was just bad at teaching though. I’m talking so bad that both his sets came bottom of the year on average.